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" Well, let's open the door or do you want me to answer that? " He looked down to his underwear and his back to me. "You mean we're going to let Mr. Benson meet Dawn and Steve? '. She nodded her head. " I hesitated, he asked me to invite her, well, he asked me to invite a few, so yes that is the idea. " I wondered, where would this lead, there was considerable potential for catastrophic consequences. she was as conscious as I was when I had doubts that his next words would have dispellled. " I know what you're thinking, this is to cross the border, but it's too late to 18qt start worrying about that. "It was his decision. I took a deep breath and decided to go with the flow, let it take the lead, although I suspect, he handed the leadership of Mr. Benson and Carol not all. He gave me a long time to open the door before entering the room. He seemed unconcerned about the delay and do not punish me the relief I felt a measure of the degree of control and I was this manalthough I am not aware of it, I would have given up and gave him total control. He was alone, so I closed the door and pushed her inside the door of Steve and Dawn join the living room before he got the opportunity to present. Carol went downstairs, and 18qt I was hoping, in part, by what we give in the living room together, but also, I confessed to me, to make sure put on a skirt! I had, was one of the black skirt wearing to the office. Certainly respectable, but offset by the shirt, as they hide her bright pink bra. Damn, I thought, looks good and was once again that pang of jealousy. I knew what it seemed, was not in my favor, but even here there was a wave of emotion. When we entered the room, Dawn and Steve put Mr. Benson, who ran as a coworker of mine. There was little conversation and offered him a glass of wine, but I asked if I would do that him with 18qt a cup of tea. Steve raised his eyebrows and looks were exchanged among our 18qt friends, if I use " What do you think Mr. Benson? - Answered. Only he loved you, so it's not long before I was back. I asked somewhere you go and come back to Steve and Dawn, with whom he deep in conversation. Carol was a glass of champagne and blackcurrant drink and listen politely, but apparently not involved in the conversation. it felt like Carol and I were the